LocalDate hasn't constructor… How can we create classes without constructor?

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I'm reviewing Java 8 classes of the Time package and I have a doubt about the classes without constructor like LocalDate class.

If you create a Java class, this class will always have a default constructor, nevertheless LocalDate hasn't constructor, that is to say, you can't do this:

LocalDate date = new LocalDate();

If you do this, you will get a compile error "the constructor LocalDate() is undefined".

Why LocalDate hasn't a default constructor?

And the most important question... How can I create a class without constructor that only can be instanced calling static methods?

Thank you very much and regards.


The typical pattern here is a class with only private or package default constructors, combined with a factory method that is either a public static method of the class or a method of an accompanying factory class. You get LocalDate objects from many static methods listed in the javadoc.


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