perl6 Simultaneous substitutions with s///?

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Is there a way to do simultaneous substitutions with s///? For instance, if I have a string with a number of 1s, 2s, 3s, etc, and I want to substitute 1 with "tom", and 2 with "mary", and 3, with "jane", etc?

my $a = "13231313231313231"; say $a ~~ s:g/1/tom/; say $a ~~ s:g/2/mary/; say $a ~~ s:g/3/jane/; 

Is there a good way to do all 3 steps at once?

Thanks !!!



For replacements like your example, you can use trans. Provide a list of what to search for and a list of replacements:

my $a = "13231313231313231"; $a .= trans(['1','2','3'] => ['tom', 'mary', 'jane']); say $a;  tomjanemaryjanetomjanetomjanemaryjanetomjanetomjanemaryjanetom 

For simple strings, you can simplify with word quoting:

$a .= trans(<1 2 3> => <tom mary jane>); 


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