How to enforce type when using point free notation

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Hello how can you enforce GHC type for functions such as or the =~ operator from Text.Regex.Posix when composing methods?


Without point free:
b= map (/x-> read x ::Double) a

How to enforce a type for read with point free notation ?

b=map read::Double a or
b= map (read . f1 .f2 .f3... . fn )::Double a (when composing methods)
where f1 , f2 ...fn are methods

Or better how do you specify the read type when it belongs in a chain of methods ,BUT not at the end of the chain ! :
b=map (f2 . read . f1 ) a


The best way in modern Haskell is with a type application.

Prelude> :set -XTypeApplications  Prelude> map (read @Double) ["1.22","3.33","5.55"] [1.22,3.33,5.55] Prelude> map (read @Int) ["1.22","3.33","5.55"] [*** Exception: no parse 

This works because read has the signature

read :: ∀ a . Read a => String -> a 

and therefore read @Double specialises a ~ Double and thus

read @Double :: String -> Double 


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