JQuery .val is not working

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I've got a problem with my jquery. Before you mark this as a repeated question, I've looked through a bunch of similar solutions and found no answer. What I need to do is simple. I have an input of type number in between two buttons, plus(+) and minus(-). Basically, if you click the plus the value of the input is added by 1 and subtracted by 1 if you click the minus.

Here's my Code:

$(function() {   $("#plus").click(function() {     var pages_val = $('#pages').val();      if (pages_val < 0) {       pages_val = 0;     } else {       pages_val += 1;     }      $('#pages').val(pages_val);   });    $("#minus").click(function() {     var pages_val = $('#pages').val();      if (pages_val <= 0) {       pages_val = 0;     } else {       pages_val -= 1;     }      $('#pages').val(pages_val);   }); });
<script src="https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/2.1.1/jquery.min.js"></script> <div>   <button id="minus">-</button>   <input id="pages" name="pages" type="number" value="0">   <button id="plus">+</button> </div>

The html is all enclosed in form tags btw. So my problem is when I click any of the buttons the value flickers(blinks) for a second then reverts to an empty input. I checked the code inspector and the value doesn't change. I need the value to remain when the user clicks any of the buttons. Please help. The console shows no logs.

Edit: Who gave my post a -1 without a solution. It's only been up for 6 sec

Primary Problem

"...any of the buttons the value flickers(blinks) for a second then reverts to an empty input."

The code provided from OP has form controls wrapped in a <div> rather than a <form> tag. The following demo presents a more accurate layout since it was mentioned:

"The html is all enclosed in form tags btw"


A <button> tag behaves as a submit button when it is nested within a <form> tag. So what happens is whenever a button is clicked, it is interpreted as a "submit" event and the <form> tag data is sent to a server if configured to do so, and if not configured, it will be attempted regardless. Each submit, failed or successful incurs the <form> to be reset.


In order to prevent this reset, add this to each <button> tag:


Possible Problem

Because of the OP code being somewhat error prone and a bit inaccurate, there may be some misinterpretations. Upon initial inspection of OP code, the plus + button was concating values rather than incrementing a number.

Plus Button Clicked 3 times

Result: 0111

Expected: 3

Note: If the minus - button is clicked after clicking the + button without refreshing the code, it will function properly as expected, which is decrementing the value as a real number. But if clicked when the <input> has a value of 0, it does nothing.


Any value derived from a form control (e.g. <input>, <select>, etc.) is a string not a real number. So when 3 clicks of a plus button gives you this:


That's a string value concat from 4 strings:

"0" + "1" + "1" + "1"  


The string value must be converted to a real number value. There are many solutions already presented by other answers posted for this question, so I will just suggest what already implemented in the Demo below:

Instead of using: value +=1 and value -=1

Use this in/decrementing operators: value++ and value--

Under many circumstances, +=1 can be misinterpreted as:

 (this is a string) `value` (so concat) `+` (this string to it) `"=1"`🟊 

Whereas this operator: value++ has no ambiguities because it auto typed to a real number:

 (this is a string) `value` (***But*** convert it to a number) `++` (and add it to the default value of number 1)   

🟊 The string value: "=1" would normally concat to =1 literally but since the OP code is using <input type='number'>, only numbers (in the form of a string) remain while non-number types are removed. Hence: 0111 instead of 0=1=1=1 value for the <input type='number' value='0'>

Details on JavaScript Data Types and specifically ++ and --


$(function() {   $("#plus").click(function() {     var pages_val = $('#pages').val();      if (pages_val < 0) {       pages_val = 0;     } else {       pages_val++;     }      $('#pages').val(pages_val);   });    $("#minus").click(function() {     var pages_val = $('#pages').val();      if (pages_val <= 0) {       pages_val = 0;     } else {       pages_val--;     }      $('#pages').val(pages_val);   }); });
<form>   <button id="minus" type='button'>-</button>   <input id="pages" name="pages" type="number" value="0">   <button id="plus" type='button'>+</button> </form>   <script src="https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/2.1.1/jquery.min.js"></script>


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