Convert double to int array

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I have a double

double pi = 3.1415; 

I want to convert this to a int array

int[] piArray = {3,1,4,1,5}; 

I came up with this

double pi = 3.1415; String piString = Double.toString(pi).replace(".", ""); int[] piArray = new int[piString.length()]; for (int i = 0; i <= piString.length()-1; i++)    piArray[i] = piString.charAt(i) - '0';  

It's working but I don't like this solution because I think a lot of conversions between datatypes can lead to errors. Is my code even complete or do I need to check for something else?

And how would you approach this problem?


I don't know straight way but I think it is simpler:

int[] piArray = String.valueOf(pi)                       .replaceAll("//D", "")                       .chars()                       .map(Character::getNumericValue)                       .toArray(); 


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