How to compute Map from stream, to then check property of map values?

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My requirement: I have an interface that shall only contain entries such as public final static short SOME_CONST = whatever. The catch: the short constants need to be unique. And in when there are duplicates, I am mainly interested in having the SOME_CONST_A, SOME_CONST_B, ... names causing the conflict.

I wrote the below test to test that via reflection. It works, but I find it clunky and not very elegant:

@Test public void testIdsAreUnique() {     Map<Short, List<String>> fieldNamesById = new LinkedHashMap<>();             .filter(f -> f.getClass().equals(Short.class))             .forEach((f) -> {         Short key = null;         String name = null;         try {             key = f.getShort(null);             name = f.getName();         } catch (IllegalAccessException e) {             throw new RuntimeException(e);         }         fieldNamesById.computeIfAbsent(key, x -> new ArrayList<>()).add(name);     });      assertThat(fieldNamesById.entrySet().stream().filter(e -> e.getValue().size() > 1)             .collect(Collectors.toMap(Map.Entry::getKey, Map.Entry::getValue)), is(Collections.emptyMap())); } 

Is there a way to avoid that intermediate local map instance?

( bonus question: is there a nicer way to shorten the lambda that fills the map with key/value pairs? )


Here's a stream that's grouping fields by the static value. Note some comments about other changes/corrections

Map<Short, List<String>> fieldNamesById =           //using short.class, not Short.class         .filter(f -> f.getType().equals(short.class))           //group by value, mapping fields to their names in a list         .collect(Collectors.groupingBy(f -> getValue(f),                 Collectors.mapping(Field::getName, Collectors.toList()))); 

The method called to read the value is below (primarily meant to avoid try/catch blocks in the stream):

private static Short getValue(Field f) {     try {         return f.getShort(null);     } catch (Exception e) {         throw new RuntimeException(e);     } } 


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