Multiple assignments in python

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I need a clear explanation here. Why does the following code work ?

foo1 = foo1[0] = [0] 

Ok, I know assignments are done left to right.

How does python understand foo1 is a list?

Btw I know foo1 ends up as [[...]] its first element being itself.



foo1 = foo1[0] = [0] 

is equivalent to

temp = [0] foo1 = temp  foo1[0] = temp  

it first evaluates expression and then assigns from left to right. Analyzing this line by line you'll get what's going on: - first a list is created in temp - then list temp is assigned to foo1 making it a list (answers your actual question) - 3rd line just makes an assignment of first element to the list itself (thus [[...]] in output)

assigns the single resulting object to each of the target lists, from left to right from here:

Update: also see answers to similar question here: Multiple assignment and evaluation order in Python


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