iPhone XS doesn't have UDID

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I want to add an iPhone XS UDID in the Apple developer portal but I am unable to find the UDID in iTunes and without adding the UDID I am unable to run my app on the iPhone XS. I tried adding the ECID and SEID but it didn't work.

I couldn’t find anything about the disappearance of the UDID on Google either.

Can anyone help me figure out how to register the iPhone XS in the Apple developer portal?


  • Go to "->About This Mac".
  • Click on "System Report" and select "USB".
  • Find your phone and the "Serial Number" field is what you are after.
  • Copy this value and paste it into the developer portal when you register a new device.

You can also get the "identifier" from the Xcode "devices" window or have Xcode update the portal directly.


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