Delphi code fails at 64 bits access violation

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This Delphi code works when compiled for 32 bits, but gives an access violation when compiled for 64 bits. Is there a problem with the code, or is there a compiler bug?

{$APPTYPE CONSOLE}  uses   SysUtils;  const   MaxSize = 2; // nothing special about this value, could equally be 1  type   TArraySize = 1..MaxSize;  procedure Main; var   size: TArraySize;   arr: array [-MaxSize..MaxSize] of Integer; begin   FillChar(arr, SizeOf(arr), 0); // zero initialize   size := MaxSize;   Writeln(arr[-size]); end;  begin   try     Main;   except     on E: Exception do       Writeln(E.ClassName, ': ', E.Message);   end;   Readln; end. 


This is a compiler bug. The compiler does not handle


correctly, presumably because size is a subrange type.

You can workaround the bug by forcing the compiler to perform the arithmetic in an Integer context.


You should submit a bug report to Embarcadero's Quality Portal.


I tested this in XE7. According to a comment, the defect appears to have been fixed at least in Seattle.


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