How can I delete a column by index from a kdb table?

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For example how would you delete the first column from the following table:

q)t: ([] a: (2018.09.25; 2018.09.25; 2018.09.25); b: `ABC`XYZ`BAC ; c: (10 20 30)) q)t a          b   c ----------------- 2018.09.25 ABC 10 2018.09.25 XYZ 20 2018.09.25 BAC 30 

The expected result:

b   c --------- ABC 10 XYZ 20 BAC 30 

It is possible to use delete a from t but I would like to be able to delete without knowing the exact column name beforehand.


You could use a functional delete:

q){[t;index]![t;();0b;enlist cols[t]index]}[t;0] b   c  ------ ABC 10 XYZ 20 BAC 30

Use parse in order to see what the q-sql statement looks like in functional form:

q)parse"delete a from t" ! `t () 0b ,,`a 


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