Xcode 10: A valid provisioning profile for this executable was not found

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Since yesterday I've been getting the following error when trying run an app on my device: "A valid provisioning profile for this executable was not found.". This is after updating to Xcode 10. Building with Xcode 9 last week worked without issues.

I've checked the other discussions about the error, but none of the solutions works.

The issue isn't limited to a single project I've been working on as it affects several all from different signing teams.

So far I've tried the following:

  • Cleaning project

  • Cleaning derived data

  • Uninstalling Xcode, deleting any preferences and files related to it.

  • Installing Xcode on a completely different Mac

  • Testing with different devices

  • Disabling device in developer profile and letting Xcode enable it again.

  • Deleting all certificates in the developer portal and recreating them

  • Unchecking and rechecking "Automatically manage signing"

  • Trashing the provisioning profile and letting Xcode recreate it

  • Creating a manual provisioning profile in the developer profile

The project contains no tests so there can't be a problem with wrong signing settings on that target. Date / Time is set to Automatic

One thing of note is that no Provisioning Profiles are listed here, except for the manual one I created: https://developer.apple.com/account/ios/profile/

I'd expect the xcode generated one to show up as they do for all other clients.

Below are the signing settings I'm currently using

Xcode 10: A valid provisioning profile for this executable was not found

I've yet to try downgrading Xcode to an older version to see if that works. Other than that I have no idea of what to try next.


I was struggling with this today, it was super frustrating. For now, just go into "File/Project Settings and then Select "Legacy Build System" from the dropdown.


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