PHP array value to variable

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I'm using the following piece of code to count the number of locations from a table:

$result = mysqli_query($conn,"SELECT location FROM table ORDER BY location");  $aloc_list = array(); while ($row = mysqli_fetch_array($result))         {$aloc_list[] = $row['location'];         }  print_r(array_count_values($aloc_list)); 

Which gives me the following array:

Array (     [CANADA] => 106     [USA] => 547     [MEXICO] => 93     [GREAT_BRITAIN] => 111     [EASTERN_EUROPE] => 227     [RUSSIA] => 405     [CHINA] => 341     [INDIA] => 253 ) 

I have tried to 'extract' the array values and put them in a variable but nothing seems to work:

$canada = $aloc_list[0]; $canada = $aloc_list['CANADA']; $canada = $aloc_list[0]['CANADA']; $canada = $aloc_list[0]; 

I want to end up with a variable called $canada equal to 106, a variable called $usa equal to 547, etc.

How do I accomplish this?


You are trying to select the mentioned values from the original $aloc_list array - but they don't directly exist in there. They're the result of the call to array_count_values($aloc_list) - this produces a new array, and you need to read from that instead.

For example:

$counts = array_count_values($aloc_list); $canada = $counts['CANADA']; echo $canada;  


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