Why does my code output incorrect results? Integer overflow?

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Assume that we have 15 numbers from a[0] to a[14] that satisfy:

a[0]=4 a[i]=pow(sqrt(a[i-1])*2-1, 2) for i>=1 and i<=14 

I need to print out all the values from a[0] to a[14], each number is on one line, so I write the following code (C++, Code::Blocks):

#include <iostream> #include <cmath> using namespace std; #define maxN 15 int i[maxN]; int n=15; int main() {     i[0]=2;     cout<<4<<endl;     for (int k=1; k<n; k++){         i[k]=i[k-1]*2-1;         cout<<pow(i[k],2)<<"/t"<<endl;     }     return 0; } 

The result is:

4 9 25 81 289 1089 4225 16641 66049 263169 1.05062e+006 4.1984e+006 1.67854e+007 6.71252e+007 2.68468e+008 

The last five numbers are not correct (because of integer overflow).

In the "for" loop above, I change the line



cout<<(long) pow(i[k],2)<<"/t"<<endl; 

This time, the result is:

4 9 24 81 289 1089 4224 16641 66048 263168 1050625 4198400 16785408 67125248 268468224 

After I checked manually, I realized that many numbers are still incorrect: 24; 4224; 66048; 263168; 4198400; 16785408; 67125248; 268468224 (they are all 1 lower than the correct numbers). What should I do to fix this?


What should I do to fix this?





pow is a floating point function, which can be imprecise. Note, that in your case there is something strange: if pow uses 64-bit IEEE-754 doubles, it should print accurate numbers for your input. So maybe you use 32-bit float numbers.


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