Not able to replace the string containing $ in pandas column

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I have a dataframe

df = pd.DataFrame({'a':[1,2,3], 'b':[5, '12$sell', '1$sell']}) 

I want to replace $sell from column b.

So I tried replace() method like below

df['b'] = df['b'].str.replace("$sell","") 

but it's doesn't replace the given string and it gives me same dataframe as original.

It's working when I use it with apply

df['b'] = df['b'].apply(lambda x: str(x).replace("$sell","")) 

So I want to know why it is not working in previous case?

Note: I tried replacing only $ and shockingly it works.


It is regex metacharacter (end of string), escape it or add parameter regex=False:

df['b'] = df['b'].str.replace("/$sell","") print (df)    a    b 0  1  NaN 1  2   12 2  3    1 

df['b'] = df['b'].str.replace("$sell","", regex=False) 

If want also value 5, what is numeric, use Series.replace with regex=True for replace substrings - numeric values are not touched:

df['b'] = df['b'].replace("/$sell","", regex=True)  print (df['b'].apply(type)) 0    <class 'int'> 1    <class 'str'> 2    <class 'str'> Name: b, dtype: object 

Or cast to strings all data of column:

df['b'] = df['b'].astype(str).str.replace("$sell","", regex=False)  print (df['b'].apply(type)) 0    <class 'str'> 1    <class 'str'> 2    <class 'str'> Name: b, dtype: object 

And for better performance if no missing values is possible use list comprehension:

df['b'] = [str(x).replace("$sell","") for x in  df['b']]  print (df)    a   b 0  1   5 1  2  12 2  3   1 


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