Split a string on alternating index

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I have a string similar to "HLeelmloon" which is two words interweaved together. How can I separate this into two separate words, splitting on alternating letters?

I can use strsplit() and a for loop to allocate alternating letters to two new vectors and then join the list but this seems very long winded:

string <- "HLeelmloon" split<-el(strsplit(string,''))  > split [1] "H" "L" "e" "e" "l" "m" "l" "o" "o" "n"  word1<-c() word2<-c() for(i in 1:length(split)){   if(i %% 2 == 1){     word1<-append(word1, split[i])   } else {     word2<-append(word2, split[i])   } }  word1 = paste0(word1, collapse = '') word2 = paste0(word2, collapse = '')  > word1 [1] "Hello" > word2 [1] "Lemon" 

My issue is it's not very elegant, and it doesn't upscale well if I want to split the string into N different words. Is there a better way to do this?

You could use gsub to capture alternating characters into the same group:

gsub("(.)(.)?", "//1", string) #[1] "Hello" gsub("(.)(.)?", "//2", string) #[1] "Lemon" 


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