How use TPU in google colab

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Google colab brings TPUs in the Runtime Accelerator. I found an example, How to use TPU in Official Tensorflow github. But the example not worked on google-colaboratory. It stuck on following line:

tf.contrib.tpu.keras_to_tpu_model(model, strategy=strategy) 

When I print available devices on colab it return [] for TPU accelerator. Does anyone knows how to use TPU on colab?

How use TPU in google colab


Here's a Colab-specific TPU example:

The key lines are those to connect to the TPU itself:

# This address identifies the TPU we'll use when configuring TensorFlow. TPU_WORKER = 'grpc://' + os.environ['COLAB_TPU_ADDR']  ...  tpu_model = tf.contrib.tpu.keras_to_tpu_model( training_model, strategy=tf.contrib.tpu.TPUDistributionStrategy(     tf.contrib.cluster_resolver.TPUClusterResolver(TPU_WORKER))) 

(Unlike a GPU, use of the TPU requires an explicit connection to the TPU worker. So, you'll need to tweak your training and inference definition in order to observe a speedup.)


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