Call method of unknown object

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I have two ArrayLists - ArrayList1 and ArrayList2. Each of them is filled with objects - Object1 and Object2, respectively. Both of these objects have method 'getText'.


public String getText() { return "1";} 


public String getText() { return "2";} 

At certain point I would like to loop through each of these lists using the same method (just with different parameter).

loopThroughList(1) loopThroughList(2) 

What is the syntax if I want to call a method, but I don't know which object it is going to be? This is the code I have so far:

for (Object o : lists.getList(listNumber)) {     System.out.println(o.getText()); } 

It says Cannot resolve method getText. I googled around and found another solution:

for (Object o : lists.getList(listNumber)) {     System.out.println(o.getClass().getMethod("getText")); } 

But this gives me NoSuchMethodException error. Even though the 'getText' method is public.

EDIT: To get the correct list, I am calling the method 'getList' of a different object (lists) that returns either ArrayList1 or ArrayList2 (depending on the provided parameter).

class Lists  public getList(list) {     if (list == 1) {         return ArrayList1;     }     else if (list == 2) {         return ArrayList2;     } } 


Define an interface for the getText method

public interface YourInterface {      String getText();       } 

Implement the interface on the respective classes

public class Object1 implements YourInterface {      @Override     public String getText() {          return "1";     }  }  public class Object2 implements YourInterface {      @Override     public String getText() {          return "2";     }  } 

Modify your getList method to return List<YourInterface>

public static List<YourInterface> getList(int list){     List<YourInterface> result = new ArrayList<>();     if(list == 1){         // your initial type          List<Object1> firstList = new ArrayList<>();          result.addAll(firstList);     } else {         // your initial type         List<Object2> secondList = new ArrayList<>();         result.addAll(secondList);     }     return result; } 

Declaration for loopThroughList

public static void loopThroughList(List<YourInterface> list){     list.forEach(yourInterface -> System.out.println(yourInterface.getText())); } 

Sample usage.

public static void main(String[] args) {     loopThroughList(getList(1));     loopThroughList(getList(2)); } 


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