Google Sign-In API Hang with uncaught error Failed to get parent origin from URL hash

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I'm using Google Sign-In JavaScript client for months without problem. But recently when user tapping on sign in button from webapp that added to homescreen, the signin pop-up just hang without showing any content.

When debugged via remote debugging, an error is displayed in console pane:

Uncaught Failed to get parent origin from URL hash! 

originated from 4188232449-v2-idpiframe.js:136 (javascript loaded internally by google library).

I'm sure it's not programming/config error since the same webapp was previously working for months without problem, and I haven't modified any code.

I've tried google search for this particular problem and browse Google documentation for any recent changes in Google Sign-In API without any luck.

Is it bug from Google API Javascript client library, glitch from recent Chrome browser update on Android, or there is some changes in API usage that I doesn't yet aware?

Library used is

This is init param for gapi.auth2.init():

{   client_id: GAPI_CID,  // defined as constant   cookiepolicy: 'single_host_origin',   prompt: 'select_account',   ux_mode: 'popup',   fetch_basic_profile: true } 

Any insight will be much appreciated. Thank you.


I can confirm we are experiencing the same problems at my company since recently. It seems a bit erratic, not 100% of the time. But for some users, some time, they are met with an empty sign-in popup with the url pointing to "" but nothing happens.


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