Merging objects in array of objects

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I'm looking for the best solution to merge all objects in one array

const arrayOfObjects = [  {name: 'Fred', surname: 'Shultz'}, {name: 'Anne', surname: 'Example'} ]; 

I want to achieve: {name: ['Fred', 'Anne'], surname: ['Example', 'Shultz']}

What's the best option for that (es6)? Maybe I can do something like that using lodash? Which helpers should I use?


You could do it like this:

const arrayOfObjects = [   {name: 'Fred', surname: 'Shultz'}, {name: 'Anne', surname: 'Example'} ];  const result = {}; arrayOfObjects.forEach(item => {   Object.keys(item).forEach(key => {     if (!result[key]) {       result[key] = [];     }     result[key].push(item[key]);   }); });  console.log(result);


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