Relacement for removed bind1st in c++17

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I have this usage for bind1st, i upgraded my project to c++17 and as i read bind1st was removed.

With what i can replace bind1st in the following statement? Lambda?

DBManager::Instance().FuncQuery(std::bind1st(std::mem_fn(&CGuild::LoadGuildData), this), "SELECT master, level, exp, name, skill_point, skill, sp, ladder_point, win, draw, loss, gold FROM guild WHERE id = %u", m_data.guild_id); 


Just use std::bind:

std::bind(std::mem_fn(&CGuild::LoadGuildData), this, std::placeholders::_1) 

And you can remove the superfluous std::mem_fn too:

std::bind(&CGuild::LoadGuildData, this, std::placeholders::_1) 


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