When I input 3 even numbers it shows that I inputted 4

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#include <iostream> using namespace std;  int main(){    int odd=0, even=0, value;    cout<<"Enter Numbers/n";    cout<<"Enter 0 to End/n";    do{        cin>>value;       if (value % 2==0)          even++;       else          odd++;    }        while (value !=0);     cout<<"The number of odd numbers is: "<<odd<<endl;    cout<<"The number of even numbers is: "<<even;     return 0; } 

Something is wrong and I need help, when I end the program there is always +1 in even numbers.


the problem is that when you enter 0 to end the loop it counts it as an even number before exiting the loop...

Break as soon as 0 is entered instead, and use an infinite loop

for (;;) {     cin>>value;     if (!value) break;  // stop now     if (value % 2==0)     even++;     else     odd++;   } 


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