Why does Requests have a cake in __version__.py?

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While browsing the GitHub repository for the Python Requests library, I noticed there was a strange __cake__ variable at the bottom of requests/__version__.py.

__license__ = 'Apache 2.0' __copyright__ = 'Copyright 2017 Kenneth Reitz' __cake__ = u'/u2728 /U0001f370 /u2728' 

Searching through the code, I found that __cake__ is referenced in requests/__init__.py when importing copyright and version info.

from .__version__ import __title__, __description__, __url__, __version__ from .__version__ import __build__, __author__, __author_email__, __license__ from .__version__ import __copyright__, __cake__ 

My best guess is that __cake__ was added as an Easter Egg, but I'm not sure what the value u'/u2728 /U0001f370 /u2728' represents. (Possibly a Unicode string?)

Why does Requests have a __cake__ variable? What does u'/u2728 /U0001f370 /u2728' mean?

The emoji cake in __version__.py seems to be a reference to the cake in the GitHub page:

Why does Requests have a cake in __version__.py?


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