Azure devops deployment failure : TypeError: Cannot read property 'scmUri' of undefined

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I have been facing this issue particularly today while deploying my application to the azure environment using Azure Devops.

One of the deployment task fails with the following eror message:

##[debug]Deployment Failed with Error: TypeError: Cannot read property 'scmUri' of undefined

When I retry to deploy a couple of times it succeeds and deployment is successfully done.

What is the issue causing this error?


Microsoft is aware:

We're investigating Intermittent failures of Release Pipelines in West Europe.

Customer using Azure App Service Deploy task in their Release Pipelines might see intermittent errors like: "##[error]TypeError: Cannot read property 'scmUri' of undefined"

Retrying the release may succeed.

Next Update: Before Wednesday, October 17th 2018 15:50 UTC


Hopefully we'll get a response soon.


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