How can I set the width of select html element, without considering of each option width

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Actually I know the select box width is set by the longest option in the list, but I want to increase the length (width) of a select html element. I also searched and I understand this code style="max-width:70%" may work but it doesn't work for me. the blow code is mine:

<select class="form-control"style="max-width:70%">     <option value="1">option 1 </option>     <option value="2">option 2</option>     <option value="3">option 3</option> </select> 

Thank you for your responding.


you should use width attribute instead of max-width. correct your code to below sample:

<select class="form-control"style="width:150px">     <option value="1">option 1 </option>     <option value="2">option 2sdsdsdsd</option>     <option value="3">option 3</option> </select> 


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