How to perform double buffering with atomic pointers?

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Atomic newbie here. My code currently looks like this (simplified):

std::atomic<Object*> object;  void thread_a() {   object.load()->doSomething(); // (1) }  void thread_b() {     Object* oldObject = object.load();     Object* newObject = new Object();     // Update new object accordingly...      while (!object.compare_exchange_weak(oldObject, newObject));      delete oldObject; } 

In words, my idea is to let thread_b atomically swap the shared object (double-buffering), while thread_a performs some work on it. My question: can I safely assume that the shared object will be "protected" against data races while thread_a calls doSomething() on it, as done in (1)?


The fetching of the pointer with load() will be atomic, but the call to doSomething() itself will not be atomic.

That means the pointers could be swapped after load() is called but before doSomething() is called (which means doSomething() is called on the wrong and now deleted object).

Perhaps a mutex could be a better choice here?


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