How to capitalize first letter in strings that may contain numbers

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I would like to read through a file and capitalize the first letters in a string using Python, but some of the strings may contain numbers first. Specifically the file might look like this:

"hello world" "11hello world" "66645world hello" 

I would like this to be:

"Hello world" "11Hello world" "66645World hello" 

I have tried the following, but this only capitalizes if the letter is in the first position.

with open('input.txt') as input, open("output.txt", "a") as output:     for line in input:         output.write(line[0:1].upper()+line[1:-1].lower()+"/n") 

Any suggestions? :-)


You can use regular expression to find the position of the first alphabet and then use upper() on that index to capitalize that character. Something like this should work:

import re  s =  "66645hello world" m ='[a-zA-Z]', s) index = m.start() 


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