Trying to implement “the essence of the iterator pattern”

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I came across the paper "" which has code examples in quite an abstract pseudo haskell syntax.

I'm struggeling to implement the example from section 6.2. in real haskell. This is how far I came:

module Iterator where import Data.Functor.Const               -- for Const import Data.Monoid (Sum (..), getSum)   -- for Sum import Control.Monad.State.Lazy         -- for State import Control.Applicative              -- for WrappedMonad   data Prod m n a = Prod {pfst:: m a, psnd:: n a} deriving (Show)  instance (Functor m, Functor n) => Functor (Prod m n) where     fmap f (Prod m n) = Prod (fmap f m) (fmap f n)  instance (Applicative m, Applicative n) => Applicative (Prod m n) where     pure x = Prod (pure x) (pure x)     mf <*> mx = Prod (pfst mf <*> pfst mx) (psnd mf <*> psnd mx)  -- Functor Product x :: (Functor m, Functor n) => (a -> m b) -> (a -> n b) -> (a -> Prod m n b) (f `x` g) y = Prod (f y) (g y)    type Count = Const (Sum Integer) count :: a -> Count b count _ = Const 1  cciBody :: Char -> Count a cciBody = count  cci :: String -> Count [a] cci = traverse cciBody  lciBody :: Char -> Count a lciBody c = Const (Sum $ test (c == '/n'))  test :: Bool -> Integer test b = if b then 1 else 0  lci :: String -> Count [a] lci = traverse lciBody  clci :: String -> Prod Count Count [a] clci = traverse (cciBody `x` lciBody) -- up to here the code is working  -- can't get this to compile: wciBody :: Char -> (WrappedMonad (Prod (State Bool) Count)) a wciBody c =  pure $ state (updateState c) where     updateState :: Char -> Bool -> (Integer, Bool)     updateState c w = let s = c /= ' ' in (test (not(w && s)), s)  wci :: String -> (WrappedMonad (Prod (State Bool) Count)) [a] wci = traverse wciBody  clwci :: String -> (Prod (Prod Count Count) (WrappedMonad (Prod (State Bool) Count))) [a] clwci = traverse (cciBody `x` lciBody `x` wciBody)  str :: [Char] str = "hello /n nice /t and /n busy world"  iteratorDemo = do     print $ clci str     print $ clwci str 

The problematic spot is wciBody where I have no idea how to implement the ⇑ function from the paper. Any ideas?


I think you may be mis-translating between the infix type operators used in the paper with the prefix type constructors in your definitions. I say this because the paper contains

wciBody :: Char → (𝕄 (State Bool) ⊡ Count) a 

You have translated this as

wciBody :: Char -> (WrappedMonad (Prod (State Bool) Count)) a 

which I don't think makes sense: Prod x y has no Monad instance, so it makes no sense to wrap it in WrapMonad. Rather, you are intended to read the ⊡ character as separating its entire left half (𝕄 (State Bool)) from its right half (Count), similar to how value-level operators in Haskell parse:

wciBody :: Char -> Prod (WrappedMonad (State Bool)) Count a 

This makes more sense, doesn't it? Prod now takes three arguments, the first two of which are each of kind * -> *, and WrappedMonad's argument is clearly a monad. Does this change get you back on track?


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