Making character class with modifier symbols in Perl 6

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I'd like to make a user-defined character class of "vowels", which will match any literal English vowel letter (a, e, i, o, u) as well as any of these letters with any possible diacritics: ắ ḗ ú̱ å ų̄ ẹ́ etc.

This is what I've tried to do, but it doesn't work:

> my $vowel = / <[aeiou]> <:Sk>* / / <[aeiou]> <:Sk>* / > "áei" ~~ m:g/ <$vowel> / (「e」 「i」) 


You could try use ignoremark:

The :ignoremark or :m adverb instructs the regex engine to only compare base characters, and ignore additional marks such as combining accents.

For your example:

my $vowel = /:m<[aeiou]>/; .say for "áeikj" ~~ m:g/ <$vowel> /; 


「á」 「e」 「i」 


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