using strtol on a string literal causing segmentation fault

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I have a string that I get by getline() (more precisely I use a loop and getline to read a file line by line)

Let's say the line is 12|34|

Then I use strtok() to cut it down by substr = strtok(line, "|"); and store them into a string array with a loop, part[index] = substr;

So the part[0] here should be "12" and part[0] is "34" I would like to use strtol, but I have checked that it can't be used on string literal, then I try following code.

char *temp = strdup(part[1]); char **ptr; long ret = strtol(temp, ptr, 10); printf("%x/n", ret); 

and when I read the second line, it causes segmentation fault. By how can I really use strtol to convert the string into integer


the issue is that ptr isn't initialised. So when strtol tries to write at the address ptr, it crashes (or undefined behaviour).

You have to pass the valid address of a pointer to store the last unprocessed char, like:

char *ptr; long ret = strtol(temp, &ptr, 10); 

&ptr is valid and points to the auto variable storage location to ptr


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