Turn off || operator optimization

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Is there any option in VS C++ 2017 so that when it builds the following program both f() and g() are called?

#include <iostream> using namespace std; bool f() {     cout << "f" "/n";     return true; } bool g() {     cout << "g" "/n";     return false; } int main() {      if (f() || g())         cout << "hello";     cin.ignore(1); } 


No there is not, this behavior (short-circuiting) is fundamentally part of logical operators.

What you can do instead is use the bitwise or operator |. But make sure to add a comment stating that this is not a mistake but on purpose!

In any case, if your function calls are not as simple as f() you should consider instead introducing a separate variable (or variables) to make it more obvious what your code is doing (calling two functions unconditionally, then using both their return values).


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