Printing variable in quotation marks C++

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string element = "hello"; 

I would like to have the following printed:

"hello" //with quotation marks 

I found how to print words with quotation marks using /"hello/", but I would like to use my variable name element to print out "hello".


The closest you can get to have

string element = "hello"; std::cout << element 

and have it print


is to use std::quoted That would make the code

string element = "hello"; std::cout << std::quoted(element); 

and it would output


Do note that std::quoted does more then just add the out quotes. If your string contains quotes then it will modify those and add a / in from of them. That means

string element = "hello /"there/" bob"; std::cout << std::quoted(element); 

will print

"hello /"there/" bob" 

instead of

"hello "there" bob" 


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