For each element of the list find closest date from a different list

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I have 2 lists:

l1 = [ '09/12/2017', '10/24/2017' ] l2 = [ '09/15/2017', '10/26/2017', '12/22/2017' ] 

For every ticker in l1 I want to find the closest element from l2 after it, so the output should be

l3 = [ '09/15/2017', '10/26/2017' ] 

The right way seems to be to explicitely iterate in parallel over both lists in reverse order, but I was hoping for a more "pythonic" solution..

EDIT: I do want an optimal complexity solution, which (assuming the lists are sorted), I think is O(max(len(l1), len(l2))).


You could use a list comprehension in combination with min method by passing a lambda expression.

from datetime import datetime l1 = [ '09/12/2017', '10/24/2017' ] l2 = [ '09/15/2017', '10/26/2017', '12/22/2017' ]  l1 = [min(l2, key=lambda d: abs(datetime.strptime(d, "%m/%d/%Y") - datetime.strptime(item, "%m/%d/%Y"))) for item in l1] 


['09/15/2017', '10/26/2017'] 

If you want a more efficient solution you can write your own insert sort algorithm.

def insertSortIndexItem(lst, item_to_insert):   index = 0   while index < len(lst) and item_to_insert > lst[index]:     index = index + 1   return lst[index]  l2 = sorted(l2, key=lambda d: datetime.strptime(d, "%m/%d/%Y")) l1 = [insertSortIndexItem(l2, item) for item in l1] 


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