Is there an easy way to get the number of repeating character in a word?

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I'm trying to get how many any character repeats in a word. The repetitions must be sequential.

For example, the method with input "loooooveee" should return 6 (4 times 'o', 2 times 'e').

I'm trying to implement string level functions and I can do it this way but, is there an easy way to do this? Regex, or some other sort of things?

So far I tried this:

def measure_normalized_emphasis(text):     char = text[-1]     emphasis_size = 0     for i in range(1, len(text)):         if text[-i] == char:             emphasis_size += 1         else:             char = text[i - 1]      return emphasis_size 

And it returns 8 with "loooooveee".


Original question: order of repetition does not matter

You can subtract the number of unique letters by the number of total letters. set applied to a string will return a unique collection of letters.

x = "loooooveee" res = len(x) - len(set(x))  # 6 

Or you can use collections.Counter, subtract 1 from each value, then sum:

from collections import Counter  c = Counter("loooooveee")  res = sum(i-1 for i in c.values())  # 6 

New question: repetitions must be sequential

You can use itertools.groupby to group sequential identical characters:

from itertools import groupby  g = groupby("aooooaooaoo")  res = sum(sum(1 for _ in j) - 1 for i, j in g)  # 5 


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