Getting the difference between 2 lists that contain dictionaries

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list1 = [{'key1': 'item1'}, {'key2': 'item2'}] list2 = [{'key1': 'item1'}, {'key2': 'item2'}, {'key3': 'item3'}] 

Is there a way to get the difference between those two lists?

Basically, I need a scaleable way to get the differences between 2 lists that contain dictionaries. So I'm trying to compare those lists, and just get a return of {'key3': 'item3'}


You could use a list comprehension:

list1 = [{'key1': 'item1'}, {'key2': 'item2'}] list2 = [{'key1': 'item1'}, {'key2': 'item2'}, {'key3': 'item3'}]  print([x for x in list2 if x not in list1]) 

Which will give [{'key3': 'item3'}]


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