Is the return statement atomic?

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I pasted some code about Java concurrency:

public class ValueLatch <T> {      @GuardedBy("this") private T value = null;     private final CountDownLatch done = new CountDownLatch(1);      public boolean isSet() {         return (done.getCount() == 0);     }      public synchronized void setValue(T newValue) {         if (!isSet()) {             value = newValue;             done.countDown();         }     }      public T getValue() throws InterruptedException {         done.await();         synchronized (this) {             return value;         }    }  } 

Why does return value; need to be synchronized???

Is the return statement not atomic??


The return does not need to be synchronized. Since CountDownLatch.countDown() is not called until after the value is set for the last time, CountDownLatch.await() ensures that value is stable before it is read and returned.

The developer who wrote this was probably not quite sure of what he was doing (concurrency is difficult and dangerous) or, more likely, his use of the GuardedBy annotation on value caused his build system to emit a warning on the return, and some other developer synchronized it unnecessarily just to make the warning go away.

I say 'some other developer', because this class otherwise seems to be specifically designed to allow getValue() to proceed without locking once the value has been set.


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