How do I create a generic method to return an array of the enum values instead of its constants?

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I have an enum with descriptions as String. This is the enum.

public enum tabs {     A("Actual data"),     B("Bad data"),     C("Can data"),     D("Direct data");      private String description;     tabs(String desc)     {         this.description = desc;     }       public String getDescription()     {         return this.description;     } } 

Now, if I need the data for A, I'd just do


I am in the process of creating a generic method to return the values.

I have managed to utilize the below generic method to accept an enum type as the argument. It returns an array of the enum constants. But I actually want it to return an array of the values.. ie {"Actual data", "Bad data", "Can data", "Direct data"}.

public static String[] getActualTabs(Class<? extends Enum<?>> e)  {     return[]::new); } 

What options do I have to achieve this?


You can pass a mapper Function to map enum constants into Strings:

public static <T extends Enum<T>> String[] getActualTabs(Class<T> e, Function<? super T, String> mapper)  {     return[]::new); } 




[Actual data, Bad data, Can data, Direct data] 


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