How to mock current time in Perl 6?

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In Perl 5 one can easily simulate script running at specific timestamp:

BEGIN {     *CORE::GLOBAL::time = sub () { $::time_mock // CORE::time }; } use Test; $::time_mock = 1545667200; ok is-xmas, 'yay!'; $::time_mock = undef; # back to current time 

And this works globally - every package, every method, everything that uses time() will see 1545667200 timestamp. Which is very convenient for testing time sensitive logic.

Is there a way to reproduce such behavior in Perl 6?


Here's a way to change how the "now" term works, and you may want to do the same thing to "time" (though time returns an Int, not an Instant object).

&term:<now>.wrap(     -> |, :$set-mock-time {         state $mock-time;         $mock-time = Instant.from-posix($_) with $set-mock-time;         $mock-time // callsame }); say now; # Instant:1542374103.625357 sleep 0.5; say now; # Instant:1542374104.127774 term:<now>(set-mock-time => 12345); say now; # Instant:12355 sleep 0.5; say now; # Instant:12355 

On top of that, depending on what exactly you want to do, perhaps Test::Scheduler could be interesting:


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