how should I convert string to integer and sum the list?

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I want to sum up the list of string. I tried to convert strings to integers by using for loop and int(). But it didn't work. What should I do? Thank you for your answer!

a = ['1','2','3'] total = 0 for i in a:     int(i)     total = total + i  print(total) #expected output:6 


Use sum() with map() to map each item to int:

a = ['1','2','3']  print(sum(map(int, a))) # 6 

int(i) as such does not alter i unless you assign it back. So your code should be:

for i in a:     i = int(i)     total = total + i 

Or, shortly:

for i in a:     total = total + int(i) 


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