Python, check how much of a string is in uppercase?

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I have a text, and I want to know if all or a percent bigger than 50% is in uppercase.


I try to use regex(found here a solution):

rx = re.compile(r"^([A-Z ':]+$)", re.M) upp = rx.findall(string) 

But this finds all caps, i don't know if all or more than 50 percent(this includes all) is uppercase ?

I want to number only letters (so no numbers,spaces, new lines etc)


You can use filter and str.isalpha to clean out non-alphabetic chars and str.isupper to count uppercase chars and calculate the ratio:

s = 'DOFLAMINGO WITH TOUCH SCREEN lorem ipsum'  alph = list(filter(str.isalpha, s))  # ['D', ..., 'O', 'W', ..., 'N', 'l', 'o', ...] sum(map(str.isupper, alph)) / len(alph) # 0.7142857142857143 

Also see the docs on sum and map which you might find yourself using regularly. Moreover, this uses the fact that bool is a subclass of int and is cast appropriately for the summation which might be too implicit for the taste of some.


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