Program keeps telling that number I wrote isn't integer

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I made a program and it constantly tells me that the number I input isn't an integer.

I'm entering 100010110101 and it pops up with this error:

Program keeps telling that number I wrote isn't integer


procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject); var   m,lo,cshl,cdhl,cjhl,csl,cdl,cjl:integer; begin   m := StrToInt(Edit1.Text);   cshl := m div 100000000000;   cdhl := m div 10000000000 mod 10;   cjhl := m div 10000000000 mod 100;   csl := m div 1000000000 mod 1000;   cdl := m div 100000000 mod 10000;   cjl := m div 10000000 mod 100000;   lo := cjl + cdl * 10 + csl * 100 + cjhl * 1000 + cdhl * 10000 + cshl  *100000;   ShowMessage(IntToStr(lo)); end; 


Consider how Delphi (and most languages) handle 32-bit integers: Wikipedia

In this context, Integer is a 32-bit integer, and any value less than -2,147,483,648 or greater than 2,147,483,647 IS NOT a valid 32-bit integer.

The "common sense" would indicate, that integers range from -∞ to +∞, but that is not the case in computer architecture.

Use Int64 if you want to "cover" more values.

In your case, the code should look like this:

var   m,lo,cshl,cdhl,cjhl,csl,cdl,cjl:Int64; begin   m := StrToInt64(Edit1.Text);   ... end; 



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