Verify there is a combination of unique string

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class Details{  String name;  String age;  String email;  String location; } 

1) If there is List of Details as in List<Details> how to verify for a combination of name and email collectively unique. (i.e) For a single email address there cant be two name entry.

2) How to verify the combination of all fields in the class file is unique.

what would be a perfect data structure to address this ?.


You can hash values by a separator like #, and then find that all uniques or not. Hash value for a Details is name + "#" + "email in the first case, and is name + "#" + age + "#" + email + "#" + location in the second case. You can using Hashmap to find duplicates if there is any with the specified key (or hash) for each instance of Details.


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