Templates inferring type T from return type

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I have a template as follows:

template <class T> vector<T> read_vector(int day) {   vector<T> the_vector;   {...}   return the_vector; } 

I would like to be able to do something like

vector<int> ints = read_vector(3); vector<double> doubles = read_vector(4); 

Is it possible for C++ templates to infer the return type from when they're called, or should I just pass a dummy argument to the template with the type I want to the vector to have? The latter works but is messier.


#include <vector>  struct read_vector {     int day;     explicit read_vector(int day) : day(day) {}      template <typename T, typename A>       operator std::vector<T, A>()     {         std::vector<T, A> v;         //...         return v;     } };  int main() {     std::vector<int> ints = read_vector(3);     std::vector<double> doubles = read_vector(4); } 



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