Compacting if else statement into shorter more elegant code [duplicate]

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I have the following if-else block, and I'm wondering if there's a more elegant way this code could be written... I am using Java 8

if(valueString != null) {     return valueString; } else if(valueInt != null) {     return String.valueOf(valueInt); } else if(valueFloat != null) {     return String.valueOf(valueFloat); } else if(valueDate != null){     return String.valueOf(valueDate); } else if(valueBit != null) {     return String.valueOf(valueBit); } else {     return null; } 

Use a stream and go through all the values and return null if none of them is not null.

return Stream.of(valueString, valueInt, valueFloat, valueDate, valueBit)              .filter(Objects::nonNull)              .map(String::valueOf)              .findFirst().orElse(null); 


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