Should I always declare char array bigger than my string is?

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So I know that you should declare char arrays to be one element bigger than the word you want to put there because of the /0 that has to be at the end, but what about char arrays that I don't want to use as words?

I'm currently writing a program in which i store an array of keyboard letters that have some function assigned to them. Should I still end this array with /0?


That is probably not necessary.

A null terminator is not a requirement for arrays of char; it is a requirement for "C-strings", things that you intend to use as unitary blobs of data, particularly if you intend to pass them to C API functions. It's the conventional way that the "length" of the string is determined.

But if you just want a collection of chars to use independently then knock yourself out.

We cannot see your code, but it sounds to me like you don't want or need it in this case.


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