Cannot run existing Android Project

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Help! I´m a newbie to Android Studio and Android Programming. I did some Tutorials that worked fine. Now I tried to open an existing Android project I have to edit. I´m not even sure which file I need to open, I´ve chosen the one called "app" but the folder structure looks a little different. Now I can´t run the app, it seems it fails to build it. This is the error code I get:

Could not find Searched in the following locations: Required by:     project : > > >     project : > > > >     project : > > > >     project : > > > >     project : > > > >     project : > > > > >     project : > > > > >     project : > > > > > 

I´ve noticed that the requested files don´t even exist in the link. How do I solve this? Thank you for your answers!!


build-tools are currently at 28.0.3; it ordinary even should ask to fetch them (whatever version). with current Android Studio the buildTools are chosen automatically; current version is Android Studio & Gradle plugin to 3.2.1. add Google's Maven Repository for the Java dependencies.

update: there isn't even any version 25.3.3 but only version 25.3.0... only since version 26.0.0 they are available from the Google Maven repository. just see for yourself:

you'd have to change buildTools to version 25.3.0 and add repository mavenCentral().


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