Programmatically construct a condition for use in an if() statement

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Let's assume for a moment that I have something like this:

if( document.getElementById('div1').innerHTML &&     document.getElementById('div2').innerHTML &&     document.getElementById('div3').innerHTML &&     document.getElementById('div4').innerHTML &&     document.getElementById('div5').innerHTML &&     ...     document.getElementById('div100').innerHTML) 

Obviously typing out and maintaining a big conditional statement like this is problematic.

I would like some solution like:

var conditional = ""; for(var i = 1; i <= 100; i++){   conditional += "document.getElementById('div" + i +"').innerHTML";   if(i < 100) {     conditional += " && ";   } } if(interpretStringAsJSExpression(conditional)){     console.log("all my divs have content"); } 

Is something like this possible in JavaScript?

Great answers have been submitted, and I am sure that I and others will benefit from them. However, purely from a place of curiosity, is it possible to store and run JavaScript expressions or commands in strings?

Like I have proposed in my example: interpretStringAsJSExpression(conditional)


As the other answers said, you can solve your conditions problem more easily.

But, to answer your new question

purely from a place of curiosity, is it possible to store and run Javascript expressions or commands in strings?

Yes, you can write javascript to a string and execute it later with eval. Which you should not do if you are concerned with security or performance.


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