Java Stream sum() short circuiting [duplicate]

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While doing a project I wrote this line, basically it decided whether or not to merge the current node based on how many children there are.

int succNodes =; if (succNodes <= bucketingParam) { /* do something */ } 

The problem is that succNodes will often be significantly larger than bucketingParam. And there's no point to continue counting if I have already found a large enough sum. What would be the best way to enable the stream to stop early, if I knew I was going to fail the check succNodes <= bucketingParam?

Note: In this case children is always of size 4.

Note 2: PRQuadNode::count is a recursive method, it is not tail recursive.


Actually, Java 9 comes with the takeWhile method, which is a short-circuiting operation of the stream, returning the longest prefix of elements matching the given predicate.

Because the predicate depends on the sum of the previous elements, a wrapper has to be used in order to store the intermediate result. In the example below, I use the AtomicInteger class:

AtomicInteger sum = new AtomicInteger(); Arrays.asList(2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17).stream()     .takeWhile(i -> sum.addAndGet(i) < 15)     .forEach(System.out::println); 


2 3 5 


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