Regular expression to match number with Decimal separator and optional Thousands separator

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I need to validate if a number is valid with using decimal separator and thousand separators optionally. I need a regex, because the current code, that is not done by me uses a regex that is not working properly and I am aiming to fix it.

So the following combinations would be legal (Using . as decimal separator and , as thousand separator)

  • 10000
  • 100,000,000
  • 100,000,000.345345
  • 10000.689

But the following wouldn't be legal:

  • 10000,000,000.34534

Basically I want numbers with a proper use of decimal and thousand separator or without them at all, but not invalid combinations. I looked around a lot, so far I found this post. Wich has a great regex that matches perfectly when the numbers have decimal separator and thousand separator, but when I try to add the other options (numbers only with decimal separator, or number integers) I break the expression.

I decided that maybe I could capture groups matching the rules with or, so the number matches one expression or the other like this:


The first group is the expresion from the other post, the second I think covers numbers with a decimal separator and the last one are integers, but it is not working.

For example these numbers are not getting matched:

  • 10000000.56
  • 10000000

I think the issue it is happening because it always test for the first group, but I am not sure how to use the groups properly so it matches either of them. Also I think I am placing the -+ signs in the wrong place.

I did search a lot, and couldn't find one expresion that worked properly. From the ones suggested:

From the Regex for number with decimals and thousand separator post

  • ((/d){1,3})+([,][/d]{3})*([.](/d)*)? -> It wrongly captures 10000000. and 10,000,000.
  • ^(?!0+/.00)(?=.{1,9}(/.|$))/d{1,3}(,/d{3})*(/./d+)?$ -> it fails for 10000000
  • /^(?!0+/.00)(?=.{1,9}(/.|$))(?!0(?!/.))/d{1,3}(,/d{3})*(/./d+)?$/ -> it fails for 10000000
  • ((/d){1,3})+([,][/d]{3})*([.](/d)*)? -> It fails for -100.03

This Can I use an OR in regex without capturing what's enclosed? post is not a duplicate, it explains something that could help me solve the issue, but it is not a duplicate, especially because I have issues also with the +- signs. Also my questions covers a problem that is not particular to me, this is a problem many people face, yet from the implementations I have found so far, none work.

From RegEx matcing numeric values with or without thousand separators post

  • ^-?([0-9]{1,3}/.?)+$ -> It fails for -1000 but not for and not for 100.00.3
  • ^-?(?!0)(?:/d+|/d{1,3}(?:/./d{3})+)$ -> It fails for -100.03


The reason the second alternative isn't matching is because it only allows a single /f after the decimal point. That needs to be /d+.

Then you need to wrap everything between ^ and $ in a group, so all alternatives match the entire string.

You had lots of redundant parentheses. And /d* in the last alternative should be /d+, otherwise you'll allow a number that's completely empty or just a sign.

  • ^ -> start of string
  • [+-]? -> matches optional + or - char
  • ([0-9]{1,3}(,[0-9]{3})*(/.[0-9]+)?|/d*/./d+|/d+) -> whole group has to match [0-9]{1,3}(,[0-9]{3})*(/.[0-9]+) or /d*/./d+ or /d+
    • [0-9]{1,3}(,[0-9]{3})*(/.[0-9]+) -> matches numbers with thousand separators and maybe decimal separator
    • /d*/./d+ -> matches numbers with decimal separator, and maybe digits before the decimal
    • /d+ -> matches numbers without decimal separator
  • $ -> end of string



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