How to filter the age while grouping in map with list

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Similar to my previous question here, the User objects I have are these

new User("ayush","admin",23) new User("ashish","guest",19)  new User("ashish","admin",20)  new User("garima","guest",29) new User("garima","super",45) new User("garima","guest",19) 

Now I am trying to get the name to varying ages trend for these users. But I need to filter them above a threshold age. I could get the trend using

Map<String, List<Integer>> userNameAndAgeTrend => user.getName(), Collectors.mapping(u-> u.getAge(), toList()))); 

this gives me {ashish=[19, 20], garima=[29, 45, 19], ayush=[23]}. But I am unable to filter the List properly using threshold for example 21 years in my situation using such grouping. Can someone please help?

Also, using .filter(user -> user.getAge() > 21) gives no mapping for ashish, which is what I want to store too. I can use Java10 installed on my machine and trying the suggested solutions.



You could use filter as

Map<String, List<Integer>> userNameAndAgeTrend =         .filter(a -> a.getAge() > 21) // only above 21         .collect(Collectors.groupingBy(User::getName, Collectors.mapping(User::getAge, Collectors.toList()))); 

As confirmed by you in comments, this would give you as output

{garima=[29, 45], ayush=[23]} 


If you're looking for all the names, you could also use Collectors.filtering since which explicitly calls out a similar behavior (formatting mine) :

Using a filtering collector as shown above would result in a mapping from that department to an empty Set.

If a stream filter() operation were done instead, there would be no mapping for that department at all.

Its usage should look something like:

Map<String, List<Integer>> userNameAndAgeTrend =         .collect(Collectors.groupingBy(User::getName, Collectors.mapping(User::getAge,                          Collectors.filtering(age -> age > 21, Collectors.toList())))); 

and the output now would be

{ashish=[], garima=[29, 45], ayush=[23]} 


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