.NET Core DI, ways of passing parameters to constructor

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Having the following service constructor

public class Service : IService {      public Service(IOtherService service1, IAnotherOne service2, string arg)      {       } } 

What are the choices of passing the parameters using .NET Core IOC mechanism

_serviceCollection.AddSingleton<IOtherService , OtherService>(); _serviceCollection.AddSingleton<IAnotherOne , AnotherOne>(); _serviceCollection.AddSingleton<IService>(x=>new Service( _serviceCollection.BuildServiceProvider().GetService<IOtherService>(), _serviceCollection.BuildServiceProvider().GetService<IAnotherOne >(), "" )); 

Is there any other way ?


The expression parameter (x in this case), of the factory delegate is a IServiceProvider.

Use that to resolve the dependencies,

_serviceCollection.AddSingleton<IService>(x =>      new Service(x.GetRequiredService<IOtherService>(), x.GetRequiredService<IAnotherOne>(), "")); 

The factory delegate is a delayed invocation. When ever the type is to be resolved it will pass the completed provider as the delegate parameter.


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